The Rogue Carrot
14½ W. University St.
Alfred NY, 14802
  Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm

  Sat&Sun: 12pm-5pm ←

In case it isn't immediately obvious, this site is a work-in-progress. In the meantime, enjoy our antics! Thanks!

Welcome to The Rogue Carrot Natural Grocery! We are a small grocery store located in Alfred NY. Of course we sell groceries and produce, but we also have an array of ceramics and jewelry!

We sell Val Cushing's handbook here! If you'd like us to ship you a copy, send in a check for $36 with the address you'd like us to ship to. This covers the book, tax, and shipping. Please contact us for a price if you need international shipping. 

Hey, we put "funny" jokes on the bottom of our receipts! Got a funny joke you want to add?